Project settings

Default number of pages

When creating a new project, the default number of pages is generated, and the general application market recommendation is 5.

Page image format

When you make changes to the page content, the project will update the cached page image. You can choose one of the two format images, JPEG or PNG. Generally speaking, the JPEG format image will be smaller, which will speed up loading.

Time interval for exporting pictures

The app store exports images to large image sizes, such as Apple 6.5-inch (1242*2688), which will take some loading time. If the interval is too small or too many images are loaded, blank images may appear. You can change it according to the device performance. This option.

Force platform appearance

By default, we will use IPHONE 12 as the outer frame on the Apple side, and Piexel4 as the outer frame on the Android side. The outer frame will not be automatically changed in different application markets. If you select this option, it will be exported to different application markets. Use the default frame of the App Store instead. For example, when you export the Samsung App Store, we will replace the frame with Galaxy S20

Export HD pictures

In order to reduce the image loading time, we will optimize the image. If you want to get higher-definition images, you can select the option. It is recommended that you partially select this option on the desktop.

Ensure that the screenshot is displayed completely

By default, the system will fit the image to the default frame. If switching between different frames causes the image to stretch due to size, you can use this option to ensure that the image is fully displayed, but there will be a certain amount of compression.

file type

The default exported image type. Generally, application markets support PNG and JPEG types, but some application markets only support PNG.

JPEG quality

Quality index for generating preview images or exporting images. It is recommended to be above 85 to ensure the clarity of the image.

Compress images when exporting projects

Selecting this option can speed up the export. The compressed content is the original image of the screenshot. It will cause a certain loss of clarity when re-imported. However, in large projects, when the device performance is insufficient, it can ensure that the work can proceed smoothly.