Mocshow update log

Mocshow update log, historical version records. All updates will be synchronized to Android, IOS, and desktop

historic version

Version Mocshow update log

Mocshow update log

This article only excerpts part of the version log. For more information, please check the version history in the APP.



- Add quick projects and complete project design in 1 minute
- More APP templates, add template column
- Add AI module
- Image lazy loading function, WEBP format optimization
- Performance optimization
- Bug fixes



- Add new app store
- Updated some real listing image templates
- Added some novice guidance for the screenshot editor page
- Fixed the problem that the gradient axial background of the picture is not displayed
- Fixed the issue where gradient background would change UNDOREDO
- If there are not enough export preview images, comments can get an additional 10 export quotas.
- Added project clean cache function
- Optimize the title bar, mobile frame size and mobile device selection when switching between different devices
- Fix the language or device group issue of adding items, fix the issue of deleting Mocshow items



- Added undo and redo functions
- Fix the function of adding page on mobile terminal
- Fixed background gradient color display problem
- Add a video tutorial column to the mobile homepage



1. Add multiple new mobile phone frames, including Google, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Huawei
2. Add neutral frame output, add neutral sea screen and simple screen
3. You can choose your own mobile phone brand when exporting to the app store.
4. Add cache clearing function
5. Bug fixes