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Our Mission


        Provide high-quality cultural and creative tools, lower the threshold of creation, and make life better


About Us

A company mainly engaged in Internet cultural and creative tool products, with a registered capital of 5 million, and owns the trademarks and software rights of multiple products, including novels, scripts, e-books, articles and other types of creative tool APPs.

The company has complete intellectual property rights for the cross-platform development framework CIIATJS, which can be easily used for full-platform application development.

"One Writing" novel creation APP has more than one million creative users, second only to Tencent'swriter's assistant.

Innovation is the natural product of fresh thinking and painful practice

Rain Fu

Founder & CEO

Mocshow software APP screenshot screenshot tool

Mocshow-app Store Ecological Rising Star

Committed to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for 5 million APP developers. The best collaboration tools for app store providers

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Main business product

It provides multiple tool products covering novel creation, e-book creation, script creation, short video script creation, software APP screenshot creation, and personalized quantitative trading tools.

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