Moxiu application screenshot design, the most powerful plug-in for online image processing of applications, allows you to spend < 1% design time; beautiful > 99% launched applications

Using Moxiu, you can publish your application to all major desktop and mobile app stores through one design. Moxiu will prepare all the image appearances, sizes, frames, formats, mobile phones or tablet devices that match the application market for you. And reuse all components when applying updates.

Moxiu is a super plug-in for independent developers and UI designers, allowing you to
  1. Faster work (relying on massive design resources and optimized design process)
  2. Work while lying in bed (relying on powerful mobile terminal)
  3. Work with zero barriers (relying on a lot of templates)
If you meet the following conditions, you are welcome to use Moxiu to start your creative journey
  1. Developers lacking UI support
  2. UI developer