About Mocshow

Mocshow The first industrialized product of the software screenshot ecosystem

Using Mocshow, you can publish your application to all major desktop and mobile app stores through one design. Mocshow will prepare all the image appearances, sizes, frames, formats, mobile phones or tablet devices that match the app store for you. and reuse all components when applying updates

Easily pass the app store backend review

Strictly compare the review standards of each application market and generate all compliant application store listing maps at one time

App store review compliance

Show the best screenshots in the app store

Through massive materials and flexible technology, we can generate screenshots of software apps that users will fall in love with at first sight.

Android APP screenshot generation

Show the trendiest version of you in the app store

Update the latest version of mobile phone frames and trendy background images in real time to make your images never go out of style.

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Apple App Store screenshot generation
App store support

What we serve app Store

Including all mainstream desktop, mobile, and tablet app stores, the list is continuously updated...

Simple design features

Main ,Mocshow features.
Drag-and-drop design, easy to master

We also provide a quick three-step method to create a project, allowing you to complete a complete application screenshot project in three minutes.

User service

APP, desktop software Developers will benefit from this

Whether it’s software or APP, you can easily complete the screenshot design task

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Apple APP

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Android App

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desktop software

Projects are made up of groups

Modular. Project structure

Each group contains application screenshots of the application. For example, the desktop-English group means that it is generated by the original group and is suitable for desktop app stores, such as (Mac App Store,Windows Store) group.

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Mocshow multi-device support
Multiple device support

Like a magician, add adevice group , you can complete a new100%Equipment design

The new group will automatically change size, device, retain all design elements, and use the same color frame material whenever possible.

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Mocshow adds translation group
Multi-language support

Like a magician, add alanguage group , you can complete a translation group

The new group will automatically translate the content and retain all design elements. You may need to replace the screenshot resources corresponding to the translation group.

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Mosiu custom group
Custom group support

add onecustomize Groups, you can extend the use as much as you like with design resources

For example, make a large Android display picture, a Splashscreen or a blog picture, and easily use original design resources and increasing volume of Mocshow resources.

background design

Powerful.background.design features
Optimized for screenshots

Whether it is a CSS background engine, continuous or gradient background selection, or commercially available background images from third parties, background icons, text, and components, you can get satisfactory results quickly.

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Mocshow CSS background engine
Mocshow CSS continuous background engine
Exclusive and original

CSS background engine Mocshow's original screenshot background engine

Applied to single lines or continuous backgrounds, it loads quickly and is easy to use. Maintain the same output on different devices and maintain background clarity when adding new device groups

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Mocshow gradient background design
Mocshow radial gradient background design
CSS gradient

Gradient background engine 3 gradients for you to choose from

It contains a large number of templates in the form of radial gradient and axial gradient, and also provides a custom CSS gradient function, which can provide unlimited color overlays.

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APP display using shape background
vector shapes

Various styles vector shapes Add light color to your background

Including common polygons, circles, ellipses, arcs, rings, stars, lines and irregular graphics, these elements are widely used in screenshot design

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Mocshow icon background
Mocshow icon vector
vector icon

1000+ skeuomorphic icon For your choice

A large number of skeuomorphic icons, cute, funny, skeuomorphic, secondary, everything you want is here

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Mocshow pixabay free commercial picture background
Mocshow unsplash picture background design
Picture background

2 big Free commercial photo provider
Provide services

Free commercially available background resource images from unsplash and pixabay are available online

Text and fonts

PowerfultextEdit function

Through text and fonts, you can generate basic font effects that PS can do, such as font size, font, kerning, filters, borders, gradients, movement, rotation, etc.

  • Support title, subtitle, extra text Easily complete the text work of screenshots.
  • Unlimited background text support Complete support for complex text
  • Support multiple fonts in Chinese and English All fonts are free for all users and can be used commercially
Mocshow Chinese font
Mocshow free English font
mocshow mobile device list
Mocshow PC equipment
screenshot layout
Replace the device frame

powerful device outer frame Feature

We provide 300+ device frames to ensure that your images are both compliant and trendy, while also providing a large number of neutral appearances for the convenience of designers.

  • Mobile device appearance It provides four types of device appearances: Android, IOS, Neutral, and Hongmeng. The Android appearance also includes Google play, Xiaomi and other application store appearances.
  • Desktop computer equipment appearance It provides the device appearance of the three mainstream desktop operating systems of Windows, Linux, and OSX, and also provides the desktop appearance of computers or notebooks from some manufacturers.
  • Tablet device appearance Provides three major categories of tablet appearance: Android, IOS and WINDOWS Surface
  • Device layout function Provides 10+ device layouts, and you can generate special layout screenshots on your Android or IOS device with one click
Project export

Easily generateapp StoreCompliance pictures

Export to 10+ app store compliant images with one click, automatically adapting to the app store appearance

AI support

use AI assistant Help you get the page title through artificial intelligence

You can also use artificial intelligence to analyze some page titles and keywords used by competitors or any questions you want AI to answer.

Mocshow AI assistant
latest events

Early bird While the offer is on

In order to encourage the first batch of users to use the Moshow subscription version and flagship version, we are offering a 30% discount to the first 10,000 paying users. This is a rare opportunity, so hurry up!