Moxiu currently supports all mainstream application stores including mobile (mobile phones and tablets) and desktops. Each application store covers all mainstream store platforms, truly achieving one-time design and full platform use.

Desktop app stores include the Window App Store, MAC App Store, LINUX App Store, as well as the domestic Huawei App Store and Lenovo App Store.
Mobile application stores include the Apple App Store, GOOGLE PLAY App Store, Samsung App Store and domestic Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei App Stores.
For different app stores, we provide perfect compatibility with size, frame, language, display differences between mobile phones and tablets, and even provide some products with more dimensions, such as the design of Android (1024*500) large pictures.
We will continue to increase targeted development in the future, and your suggestions and feedback will become the compass for the next generation of products.