Multiple device support

Each project provides multi-device size support for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Equipment can be expanded arbitrarily and arranged automatically and rationally

Multi-language support

Each project provides multi-language support and built-in translation engine for automatic translation. The language can be arbitrarily extended, retaining all design elements

Cross-device support

Each project provides import, export, backup, and restore support. You can design on one device and continue designing by taking screenshots on multiple devices.

Custom template support

Each project can be converted into an application template, retaining language and device groups. Can be reused directly for next development

Apply template

Provides more than 20 mainstream application templates. You can start working directly with Midea apps, or you can learn how to design backgrounds, layouts and other functions through templates

creative template

Provides more than 30 color separation templates. Including several mainstream colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, black and pink, you can start designing directly with the template

Continuous background design

Provides more than 500 kinds of two-, three-, four- and five-connect picture backgrounds, and you can get quality improvement with one click.

gradient background design

Provides support for over 100 gradient backgrounds. Including radial and axial backgrounds, and multi-color gradient backgrounds can be customized

Picture background design

Provides more than 10,000 commercially available background images, updated in real time.

Background design support

Provides 10+ background shape support. Circles, rings, polygons, stars, etc. You can also customize curve or wave backgrounds

Skeuomorphic icon support

Provides more than 1,000 quasi-object vector icons, including animals, plants, and real objects. Each icon can be adjusted with color, shadow, position and other information.

Font support

Provides more than 1,000 commercial English fonts and 50 commercially available Chinese fonts.

Font design support

Fonts can be customized with font size, character spacing, background color, gradient color, font height, edges, shadow, etc. Background fonts and designs are also provided.

External frame support, multi-frame support

Provides more than 500 types of device frames, including frame models from all mainstream manufacturers for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, which can be easily replaced. Multiple frames can be added to each page

Frame layout support

Provides support for more than 10 frame layouts, including continuous frames and automatic multi-page replacement

Additional image support, page break support

Provides support for multiple pictures and page breaks. Page breaks can define shape, size, style, etc.

Powerful preview function

Provide an overall real-time preview of the project in several application markets. Different markets can automatically change the conforming frame, and can also switch the conforming equipment of the application market in real time.

Powerful export function

Provides one-click export of projects. The exported project lists all compliant images in sub-directories by application market, language and size, making it easy to prepare resources for listing.