X90 red material

X90 red material

Moxiu provides you with X90 red material. The X90 red parameters are as follows. You can use this material directly in Moxiu for screenshot design, or you can download this material for your other work.


cell phone

operating system


device group




Image size (px)

1040 x 2060

Internal screen size (px)

850 x 1864 

Mocshow project display

X90 red screenshot project display

This case shows how Moxiu used X90 red material to design a screenshot of the application launch of a real project. This project includes 5 screenshots with shells.

Functional features

Mocshow Make developers’ lives better

We have created an excellent product with massive innovations in software and APP screenshot design. Mastering the Mocshow function allows you to create better products in a shorter time.

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