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Apply the real and beautiful Gmail design directly to your design, providing direct motivation for your APP screenshot design

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Template introduction

Moxiu provides you with a Gmail APP template. The Gmail parameters are as follows. You can use this material directly in Moxiu for screenshot design, or you can download this material for your other work.

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Template application display

Gmail screenshot project display

This case shows how Moxiu used the Gmail APP template to design a screenshot of the application launch of a real project. This project includes 5 shell screenshots.

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Whether it’s software or APP, you can easily complete the screenshot design task

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Moxiu provides a wealth of application templates, including Gmail APP screenshots, Gmail APP UI design, Gmail APP materials, Gmail APP launch pictures, Gmail APP downloads, Gmail APP prototype pictures, Gmail APP posters, Gmail APP PPT

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Use the Gmail APP template to create your application project and immediately put it on the following mainstream desktop, mobile, and tablet app stores

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