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Use Moxiu to design screenshots of your app and export all Huawei App Store screenshot size groups

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Moxiu provides you with all the size groups of the Huawei App Store screenshots. When exporting, you can export all the compliant size groups of the App Store with one click, providing you with a time-saving and labor-saving service.



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Unlimited screenshots on Huawei App Store

Name: huawei-group-1
Default device for screenshots: undefined
Screenshot compliance size: 450x800 1080x1920 1920x1080

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The first industrialized product of the software screenshot ecosystem

Using Moxiu, you can publish your app to the Huawei App Store for screenshots through one design. Moxiu will prepare all the image appearances, sizes, frames, formats, mobile phones or tablets that match the app market for you, and display them in the app. Reuse all components when updating

Easily pass the app store backend review

Strictly compare the review standards of each application market and generate all compliant application store listing maps at one time

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Show the best screenshots in the app store

Through massive materials and flexible technology, we can generate screenshots of software apps that users will fall in love with at first sight.

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Show the trendiest version of you in the app store

Update the latest version of mobile phone frames and trendy background images in real time to make your images never go out of style.

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